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Our story

about us

Moa Moa





Moa Moa is the result of our passion for making things exceptional, unusual, unique, and passion for women fashion with the impact of handcrafts. Our collections are nature inspired and present a characteristic style that's quintessentially feminine and romantic in a modern aesthetic.
We believe that carrying the soul of handwork and customization, while remaining thoroughly modern in appearance, has a unique value and is the new luxury. Our collection of unique jewelry and hair accessories exceeds the limits of ordinary decoration - it is a manifestation of our passion, attention to detail and love for craftsmanship.




about unique

We are a small team of passionate people, excited about unique ideas, united by the strong belief that carrying the soul of handwork and customisation, while remaining thoroughly modern in appearance, has a unique value and is the new luxury.
We believe in quality and are continuing in the pursuit of creating meaningful products, which bring together unique, elegance, traditional craft approach and ethical production.


the studio

All made in —OUR STUDIO

Every Moa Moa piece is designed and handcrafted in our studio in Poland. By keeping our design and production in-house, we have full control from concept to design, construction through to delivery. We exist for you and we want to create your perfect accessories. The magic all happens in our Poland studio, where we work with brides, womens worldwide.

inspired by



Moa Moa atelier was founded in 2013 and from the beginning of its existence, our activities are focused on creating a broad accessories. These are: headpieces, handcrafted and hand embroidered hair adornments for the wedding and for any special occasion, bridal wreaths, veils, veilings, headbands, tiaras, combs, hairpieces, hair vines, hair pins, clips, hand-cut and molded silk flowers, handcrafted and hand-sewn decorations for hair with an accent on a detailed and extensive composition. Our jewelry collection is antiallergic, real 24-carat gold or silver plated.



We focus on quality in our projects therefore we use natural freshwater pearls, natural coral, Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and pearls, silk and other high quality materials. All adornments are handmade in our atelier trademark with great attention to detail, 
quality, ease of use. Our incessant search .... 
We are expanding and we go out on the counter to customers entering the still new and fresh designs. 
We are very pleased every new order.


Wrote about us


Moa Moa

Our jewelry - true unique items

In the golden glow of light, shades of pearl and gold accents twinkle like treasures found on a long journey. In our atelier, each element is carefully selected and carefully formed, as if we were recovering lost treasures. We use over a century-old technique to produce silk flowers, which are hand-cut, pressed and sewn using traditional tools. Regardless of the collection and technique, handmade jewelry is, above all, a huge heart put into its production. Each of our jewels, whether in the form of earrings, bracelets or necklaces, is like one of those sublime words that create an unforgettable story. Intricately made of silver and gold-plated, it tells a story of strength and delicacy that come together as one. And our hair accessories, from tiaras to headbands, from combs to wreaths, are like those non-obvious details that give a unique character. They, subtly intertwining with the hair, add depth and charm to every outfit.

Moa Moa

A modern interpretation of nature and classics - Moa Moa jewelry

In our studio's collection you will find jewelry whose beauty moves deeper than just the senses. Our products are inspired by nature and history, creating harmony between tradition and modernity. Each of our products is a story waiting to be discovered - a story of elegance, craftsmanship and uniqueness. In today's rush and mass production, our workshop is like an oasis of peace. Here, every detail matters, every element has its own story. Our products not only decorate, but also inspire, stimulating imagination and arousing emotions. Discover our collection and let our jewelry and hair accessories become part of your story. Let them be a symbol of elegance, sophistication and a unique style that will remain unforgettable.

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