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Due to the delicate nature of each pieces we cannot accept returns for the pieces at this time. Please choose your pieces carefully as we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges if you change your mind. Great care is taken to ensure that all items listed are described and photographed as accurately as possible to show the intricate details and colours of each piece. Please ensure you read the listing properly, noting dimensions and colours. If you send your order back we are not obligated to refund payment. All sales are final. If you arent sure whether a piece will match your gown or hairstyle, please get in touch with any styling or general questions and we will happily assist.

We would like to point out that the Moa Moa accessories are entirely handmade from natural materials and may slightly differ from those presented in our photos. However, we always make sure that the volume, form, general idea and aesthetic impressions remain the same.

In really exceptional situations, considered individually, it is possible to exchange a product for another at a similar or higher price. The exchange is possible only when the product has not been used, has not been damaged and operated, is originally packed, has the original tags attached, has been safely packed for return so that the packaging is not damaged.

or damaged


After receiving your item, please inspect the piece immediately. You will have 48 hours from the time of receipt to notify us of any errors. If you receive the incorrect product or if your product arrives damaged (not due to shipping or carelessness with handling), please email us: info@moamoaatelier.com. We will provide instructions for incorrect items and damaged items. If the item's damage is not due to shipping, you will need to notify us within 48 hours of item receipt and we will repair or replace as needed. After 48 hours of receipt, any damages to the item will be the responsibility of the buyer. All purchases made through this shop will be subject to these terms, so please inspect your order immediately after receipt. Do not delay!

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